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  1. Today
  2. Dkj

  3. Dkj

    Damn can't wait till im back
  4. bro db0w

    nice one boysss
  5. Krewww

    huge buck
  6. Lil Charbs

    biiiiig loot big clears
  7. Ixthul

    u kno the dill. ez for ts
  8. T h u q

    Good jabbb
  9. Hulusi Akar

    Cant lie tonight was a good night lmao
  10. SWAG

    Well done boys!
  11. Frost_Shield

    We decided to hit up the caves expecting to make some big money, and we definitely did. We bumped into some small team and pvmers risking bank with one donating us 16m. We later caught WG Macing and were lucky enough to kill the one that got the blowpipe for a easy 5m. We ended the trip with a small fight with EVO.
  12. Last week
  13. Hulusi Akar

    Hello and welcome sir
  14. Protoss404

    Post a intro and application, if you haven't already. welcome to the party.
  15. Frost_Shield

    post a intro my dude
  16. Ixthul

    hai 😄 post an intro and application if u havent already. gl with the process
  17. Krewww

    Hey 🙂
  18. CloneTHC

    New here. Always down for some fun 😄
  19. Earlier
  20. bro db0w

    welcome to the clan
  21. bro db0w

    welcome to the clan.
  22. bro db0w

    welcome to the clan.
  23. bro db0w

    welcome to the clan.
  24. Krewww

    Welcome 🙂
  25. Krewww

  26. Protoss404

  27. Protoss404

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