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  1. Ixthul

    u kno the dill. ez for ts
  2. Ixthul

    hai 😄 post an intro and application if u havent already. gl with the process
  3. Ixthul

    hellooo gl applying stay active on forums
  4. Ixthul

    welcome gl applying
  5. Ixthul

    application next gl
  6. Ixthul

  7. Ixthul

    welcome m8 good luck applying
  8. Ixthul

    TS on the come up watch out
  9. Ixthul

    welcome Ian! could use more people with clan experience like urself
  10. Ixthul

    if TS mass 20+ issa wrap.
  11. Ixthul

    good progress bez. keep trainin em stats
  12. Ixthul

    nice kaido grats
  13. Ixthul

    good shit bois looked ez
  14. Ixthul

    #TS runs it. call more cc's brazils we fight em all. 4v1 with no problem
  15. Ixthul

    still a leech btw