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  1. Ixthul

    that's my bois
  2. Ixthul

    gmt sweep gj
  3. Ixthul

    good job fellers
  4. Ixthul

  5. Ixthul

    yurrr I ain't eating unless I'm eating with my bois
  6. Ixthul

    welcome man good luck with application phase
  7. Ixthul

    ayy welcome mate gl applying
  8. Ixthul

    cp clowned lmfao ts runs it
  9. Ixthul

    yo nice intro got some clanning experience welcome
  10. Ixthul

    eatin good tonight bois
  11. Ixthul

  12. Ixthul

    still waiting on my split btw
  13. Ixthul

    goooood shit today bois. gg to nl. 1v3 alllll day baby
  14. Ixthul

    oi hi and welcome to mai clan
  15. Ixthul