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  6. Bill Payer

    Money has been made!
  7. Bill Payer

    Some great loot on this trip! THOSE SMITES THO!
  8. Bill Payer

    You got so lucky on your first few raids! I've yet to get a purp in my name or in the name of the team I'm with!
  9. Bill Payer

    One of the best clans I've ever joined. Friendly community and plenty of trips to get involved in.
  10. Bill Payer

    This was an awesome trip, really enjoyed it! 😄
  11. Bill Payer

    Welcome to the Clan, hope to see you out on a trip soon!
  12. Bill Payer

    Welcome back ❤️
  13. Bill Payer

    Welcome 🙂
  14. Bill Payer

    Zalcano.. because I have it.