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  1. Bill Payer

    Fun trip, I really enjoyed it boys! ❤️
  2. Bill Payer

    This is crazy! Some tasty loot here Frosty!
  3. Bill Payer

    Thanks Guys, I really appreciate it. I've really enjoyed the last few trips with you all and can't wait to join you on a tonne more in the future!
  4. Bill Payer

    Paste the link of your introduction here: What is your discord ID: Bill Payer#4297 Post a picture of your Combat level & stats: Who are your past clans: Duck Squad What timezone are you: GMT+1 The Supremes only want active and dedicated members this requires you to put time and effort into the clan. Do you think you have the capability of doing this: Yes Post a picture of your PvP tab below:
  5. Bill Payer

    Frost Shield Frost Shield Frost Shield 😅 Loved this video my dude!
  6. Bill Payer

    Great job guys!
  7. Bill Payer

    Just signed up to the website 😁