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    What is your RSN and what Nickname do you like to go by? Rsn: (Water Titan) Nickname: (Dyno) What are your past RSNs? DKJ Dyno, DKJ Titan, Dynosis What clans have you been in / are currently in? DKJ and currently in TS. What do you like doing on Runescape? Pking having fun with the Big Boys. What are some of your interests and hobbies IRL? I like Cars Football and in General Flying things from Helicopters too Fighter Jets the list goes on but that would be too much. How did you find out about The Supremes? Do you know anyone in TS? Me and Tank was the spark that lighted the Fire. We was the two that started DKJ and so time will tell with TS. Do you plan on joining in the future? always was part of it always will be.
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