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  1. Lad Alucard

    Thanks to @Drakno for being so patient and informative. Got a 11.9m split from the Dex scroll and a 19m split from the kodai insig 🤑. If anyone else wants to do raids with me hit me up on discord!
  2. Lad Alucard

    3h Bandos trip with Protoss/Dreej and Mrdope at the end 🤑
  3. Lad Alucard

    Super fun war and revs trip + uncapped fights vs Lith. Anyone who couldn't come missed out on 2h and 30 mins of quality wildy action 🤯.
  4. Lad Alucard

    Hi 😄
  5. Lad Alucard

    Nice kills 🤑
  6. Lad Alucard

    Ofc ❤️
  7. Lad Alucard

    Nice one
  8. Lad Alucard

    3 Tassies 🤑 🤑 🤑
  9. Lad Alucard

  10. Lad Alucard

  11. Lad Alucard

    > money making while sitting at home What do you do?
  12. Lad Alucard

    What is wrong with that guy?
  13. Lad Alucard

    Nice trip, wish I could have been but my net kept on dcing all evenning 😤.
  14. Lad Alucard

  15. Lad Alucard

    Nice trip, wish I could have been there 🤤