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  1. Nans

    Easy for TS 😕
  2. Nans

    Free smoke all day
  3. Nans

    another day another bot feast
  4. Nans

    Nice work fellow pkerman
  5. Nans

    What is your RSN and what Nickname do you like to go by? RAGGERNANS - Nans What are your past RSNs? Nancer/Goat2583/NANSS/ What clans have you been in / are currently in? PPK BA NGR What do you like doing on Runescape? Multi/singles mainly What are some of your interests and hobbies IRL? RS/Flaming kids How did you find out about The Supremes? Do you know anyone in TS? Was running around rev caves and got hit by someone and he invited me forgot his name, cool guy though Do you plan on joining in the future? If its active and every trip isn't mandatory then yeah