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    was my first clan i ever joined back in late 06-07
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    What is your RSN and what Nickname do you like to go by? King Tribby is my RSN, You can call me Tribby or Norm What are your past RSNs? Tribby, Tribbyy, Rass Alghul, IF name change, PG Tribby What clans have you been in / are currently in? Infliction, New Age Assassins, Valhalla, Spartan Empire, Way of War, The Last Pures, Supremacy, Ruin, Uprising What do you like doing on Runescape? Pking, and PvMing, LMS What are some of your interests and hobbies IRL? I'm an HVAC Technician by day, professional Player slayer by night. I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, playing basketball,lacrosse, video games stuff like that How did you find out about The Supremes? Do you know anyone in TS? Been idlign in your discord for some time now Do you plan on joining in the future? Most likely, I recently just bought a new PC after taking a 3 year break being with my toxic Ex girlfriend some im refreshed and ready to scape. Also alot of of my IRL friends started playing again and I want to introduce them into what made me fall in love with this game many years ago, which is clanning. Looking for a mature community to casually play the game with, and PK and have fun with and I get that vibe from here so we'll see how it goes. You'll probably see 3-5 more intros over the next few days if I do commit 🙂