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  1. Tova

    Way of war... god damn thats a name I haven't seen in a while lmao. Welcome
  2. Tova

    Welcome to the top tier
  3. huge ownage

  4. Tova

    Was fun
  5. Tova

    Set up a fight with Empire as we were looking for some action this afternoon. Met at GDZ and rushed each other with about 15 each. The fight was more in our favour, however, Empire put up a good fight. After about 30 mins we compared OPTS and parted ways. Thanks for the clean and respectful fight. Let's do more 👊. TS Starting: 15 AE Starting: 15 TS Ending: 13 AE Ending: 10 Shout outs: Ixthul for the great calling TS members for fighting hard db0w for being so noob i swear
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    hello post app
  7. Tova

    huge feast
  8. Tova

    Welcome to the forums
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    Welcome dood
  10. Tova

    We feasted, quality > quantity. Raggers had no effect.
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    Welcome to TS forums
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    @Ixthul competing against the greats, nice job.
  15. Tova

    huge ownage