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  1. Frost_Shield

  2. Frost_Shield

    To much loot
  3. Frost_Shield

    Caves was pack with loots and no other clan was out to try to fight us so we just farmed for hours. We smited a ZGS and yoinked a Ancient relic off a victim pvmer. Killed a lot of small teams and ended once the caves were completely dead.
  4. Frost_Shield

  5. Frost_Shield

    The boys wanted to PK so we farmed the caves all night and made some really easy $$$$$$ Found a bunch of crawbows and mystics out and packed it into our looting bags TY pvmers and whales of the Wild
  6. Frost_Shield

    Started the day with some ballista rushing and ended up smoke a single pker for a free DCB and BRING. Bumped into a whale team after and yoinked a AGS and STAFF back to back and decided to gear up after. We saw Skill Specs at 50's and decided to go smoke him but instead we bumped into Override and had a fun scrap GF. We bumped into CPK and took them for a free AGS and pked a while after and ended.
  7. Frost_Shield

    https://discord.gg/GTFC4V Woke up on this Sunday morning and knew that the caves were going to have some good loot. We started off hunting some free whales and bumped into Liths and quickly smoked them over the agility shortcut. Bumped into SV at dragons and decided to smoke them outta the caves with MOI. Ended after with our looting bags over filled with bracelets and either. Also went to crash Dr. Victims corp trip, Clip at the bottom
  8. Frost_Shield

    https://imgur.com/upload to post pics
  9. Frost_Shield

    https://discord.gg/zcEsqf Decided to head to caves instead of singles tonight and made some big bank. Pretty much farmed A TON of Craw Bows and mystic sets all night until the caves started to die out. Checked out the wildy bosses after and got some more loot and ended after that. Ty for the money randoms
  10. Frost_Shield

    big smoke
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  13. Frost_Shield

    shit pics btw
  14. Frost_Shield

  15. Frost_Shield

    https://discord.gg/buNa9MP Started with some Pking at revs, bumped into a bunch of loots and smited a Staff from Lil Tards. We bumped in RA, and had a good fight with them and Decided to move to GDZ We bumped into NL and had a fun scrap with them, GF BTW.