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  1. Frost_Shield

    We decided to hit up the caves expecting to make some big money, and we definitely did. We bumped into some small team and pvmers risking bank with one donating us 16m. We later caught WG Macing and were lucky enough to kill the one that got the blowpipe for a easy 5m. We ended the trip with a small fight with EVO.
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    post a intro my dude
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    Welcome brother
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    got to post in the right place
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    EZ $
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    Dkj Wanted to have a fun scrap with the Brazilians, so we decided to mass quickly and headed up to GDZ. The fight started clean until we quickly noticed that there were DK ragging all our members and this continued the whole fight. We fought around GDZ until we decided to take control of the center for the rest of the fight. The Brazilians were getting banged left and right until they were reduced to full d'hide and coifs. This is when VR decided to pull up but we were fearless and were still down to 3v1 and continued to bang them back to back. We continued to clear them out and reducing them with each death they had, while we stood strong the whole fight. Then their last line of defence came, Zezrma's rats came out of their hole to make it a 4v1 fight. We still stood strong for 3 hours and smoked them but decided that we already broken the brazilians enough and got bored. We decided to end with a fun drop party and laughing that they need 4 clans to even try to fight us.
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    Welcome bro
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    Being a main will be a lot more fun tbh
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    We got word that VR was in FTP so we decided to mass up and with a few minutes we had a army ready to clear the rats. We hopped into their world and they instantly panicked and ran to singles with us picking them off like the rats they where. After VR went to hide, Some shit clans tried to fight us stupidly and ended up with their faces on the floor. We got bored with FTP and went to revs to make some quick cash where we ran into Zezrma and Kosovo trying to ballista pk. We quickly TB'ed them making them panic and letting us smite Kosovo for a free ballista. We also killed a streamer with FTP gear with the clip at the bottom.