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    big smoke
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    shit pics btw
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    https://discord.gg/buNa9MP Started with some Pking at revs, bumped into a bunch of loots and smited a Staff from Lil Tards. We bumped in RA, and had a good fight with them and Decided to move to GDZ We bumped into NL and had a fun scrap with them, GF BTW.
  7. Frost_Shield

    https://discord.gg/TXvMXp You know how it goes, same thing different day. Made a shit ton of money and Smited Rot/Sv for a free Staff. Had a small scrap with AC as well, GF BTW. Ended after caves started to slow down.
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    https://discord.gg/58nPaub We started off doing some singles with some whales out and claimed a free Elder maul and a tons of loot. We bumped into LITHS in singles and quickly did a 2-0 on them and cleared them out. Scouted some loot at revs so we geared up in some ballistas and smoked out a free archer ring. We pked for a bit longer and decided to end with our bellies full.
  10. Frost_Shield

    https://discord.gg/58nPaub Scouted caves and saw Sparc Mac with his tribe and also a ton of whales in fat loot. We went through caves killing pretty much everything we saw and also bumped into liths and cleared there bally trip. Scouted that AE was gwasing Sparc so we decided to hit them from the south and get all of the juicy loots. We ended after that with our bellies full of money. LOOK AT THIS UNIT
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    Money clan btw
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    Free loot
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    Hello brother, hope you app
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    Just to ez