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  1. SWAG

    Good and respectful fight. Hope to have more clean fights to come. GF AE
  2. SWAG

    Well done boys!
  3. Welcome Maddex! 

  4. SWAG

    Welcome to the supremes josh, nice intro mate, look forward to having you on some trips
  5. SWAG

    Thankyou for your introduction Duke. By the sounds of it you will fit in nicely with the guys, and girls of the clan of course.
  6. Welcome to the supremes, make an introduction and we will go from there 😉

  7. My new target is to max out my melee stats, I’m going to give myself 2 months to do this. due to work and pking I’m very limited to time to train my combat. So by the end of May I should be max combat with low prayer. Wish me luck! Also.. comment a date you think I’ll achieve this and if you win I’ll payout 5m. Only 1 person per date,
  8. SWAG

    I was doing my own thing when I was instructed that there was action at altar. Quickly geared up and joined, I then realised they had massed up so quickly order a regroup and we quickly destroyed them! Well done to all that took part!
  9. SWAG

    This was a great trip and we really did get some great kills, What makes me laugh is half the teams we see on a daily basis that say they are better was running away and instantly logging out once they see us. Great job today boys! 👌
  10. SWAG

    What a fight!
  11. SWAG

  12. SWAG

  13. SWAG

    Welcome bro
  14. SWAG

    Welcome Alex! I’m swag who you met and introduced you to the supremes, I hope you make yourself right at home with us as we are a loyal bunch, some of us have been together for about 2 years.. have any questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch with myself, dkj or frost shield, and again.. welcome bro
  15. SWAG

    Hi ladies and gentlemen! Swag here just dropping by and giving you a big hello!