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    Discord:https://discord.gg/xtuvafF Forums:https://supremes-rs.com/ Clanchat:The Supremes Called a quick mass and hit up caves looking for some loot. Ran into harassers who we briefly scrapped and cleared. Cleared up a lot of other small teams and called it a night, ty.
  3. Charbs

    Gf lads rm
  4. Charbs

    good luck on your application
  5. Charbs

    Welcome to the forums bro
  6. Charbs

  7. Charbs

    Looked like fucking bank gj
  8. Charbs

    Good luck and stay active. you need to take out all the junk from your pvp tab and having your runes, mystic sets and pots in one tab is important for returning quickly.
  9. Charbs

    Eaaaaasy smoke
  10. Charbs

    nice n chill
  11. Charbs

    Discord: https://discord.gg/xtuvafF Forums :https://supremes-rs.com/ Clanchat: The Supremes Hit up caves and swept through uncontested for the whole trip with everyone making bank. Moved to singles and got some mystic kills there and ended. Ty for loot.
  12. Charbs

    any questions just pm me or any rank
  13. Charbs

    yo wassup bro you're a cool guy, you'll do well here
  14. Charbs

    Phat loot
  15. Charbs

    Thank you Shly