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  1. karskimies

    Thanks everyone for trip!
  2. karskimies

    Pleasant trip for me!
  3. karskimies

    Decent enough, hope I had time for that.
  4. karskimies

    Good event. Hope someday we can fight the masses too.
  5. karskimies

    Hello, I hope you find your time with us worth it.
  6. karskimies

    Not too bad trip.
  7. karskimies

    Welcome. Looking forward to see you in events.
  8. karskimies

    Hello, register to forums and have a good luck applying.
  9. karskimies

    Well, have good luck applying.
  10. karskimies

    Not bad
  11. karskimies

    Hello, hope you find your time with us pleasant.
  12. karskimies

    Hello, show up to events so we get to know you.
  13. karskimies

    Good luck for applying.
  14. karskimies

    Was trinking Giin tonic, was worth tho. 😄
  15. karskimies

    Someone has been playing a lot!