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Found 2 results

  1. Ixthul

    single pking with Dolphins some of the kill loots and focuses we've gotten
  2. Ixthul

    the time has come to say goodbye to the med level and hello to the main. med levels are very strong in their combat bracket, but lack the tanking skills needed in main multi wars. TS needs more strong main support. for these reasons i will train my account and overtime, convert into a max main i will miss bullying pures, humiliating mains and dominating the single scene as a med level. but bigger things await me as a main and with it more opportunities. moment of silence for the med level, and with it a look back to some of my biggest and best pks as a med level cant find sc of killing sv leader im Sobeast for 13m, but keep that one in mind aswell 😛 cheers -Ixthul