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The Supremes vs Brazils|DK|VR.

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Discord:https://discord.gg/xtuvafF Forums:https://supremes-rs.com/ Clanchat:The Supremes


supreme f2p.png


We had pmed Brazils for some F2P action without knowing that we would cause the biggest F2P cluster in long time. the war started at spider hill with us having 35 supreme warriors ready to clash, the war then finally dragged up to western Gdz where vr logged in and tried crashing us everytime, but their spy infested clan allowed Rot to login everytime they tried crashing, Thank you Rot for keeping it clean. Besides that we would fight everyone trying to hurt us, DK, VR, Brazils.










cera fag ady.jpg

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What a fight! 

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Keep it going guys.. I registed your forums since your F2P Activity seems to be up! Thank you for doing your activities!  Will be waiting more events - Johnmcdodger 



#Slavers of Godness - First Finnish Runescape Clan 

#Clan friend of Supremes-Rs

#Community Creator

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Huge feast - well done everyone.

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Pretty nice post DKJ! Good job! Also good job to every clan member. That was satisfying.. It was a busy war, fun and confusing.
VR is just a snake in the wilderness scene who got its head chopped off this saturdayyy...
Respect to ROT they seem pretty solid. 

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17 hours ago, Frost_Shield said:

VR going to keep getting smoked!


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it's been decades since good old runescape has see this much action @ the    *   g d z !!!!

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I wish I could be there. I am back in the game really soon to join the army!

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