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Brock's Introduction

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What is your RSN and what Nickname do you like to go by?


What are your past RSNs?

Status Bar
I Dont Lack

What clans have you been in / are currently in?

Divine Kings 2 years ago closed

Corrupt pures closed

EOP closed

SUP left for my own clan

Fearless closed

Ascent Closed

Outbreak - Council atm

What do you like doing on Runescape?

PK pvm stake and socialize with people

What are some of your interests and hobbies IRL?

12 year Football player & Coach
Apex Legends and CS:GO
Rap & Metal Fan

How did you find out about The Supremes? Do you know anyone in TS?


then found out my boy bro dbow is here!

Do you plan on joining in the future?

yes! 😄 

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Hey and welcome! 

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What’s gud

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yo nice intro got some clanning experience welcome

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Hello, I hope you find your time with us worth it.

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