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Mjbrook's Intro

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What is your RSN and what Nickname do you like to go by?

RSN: mjbrook
Nickname: Brooksey

What are your past RSNs?

Why n0t try - pure (attempted)

What clans have you been in / are currently in?

Never been in a proper pking clan. Just been out on trips with Bill Payer’s cc 

What do you like doing on Runescape?

PVP, PVM, Chilling with bros and making GP

What are some of your interests and hobbies IRL?

Football – West Bromwich Albion fan, Running and Cars.

How did you find out about The Supremes? Do you know anyone in TS?

Bill Payer

Do you plan on joining in the future?


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Hey nice intro welcome 

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welcome man good luck with application phase

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Welcome to the top tier

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